Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello, 2012!! *and this time, I mean it!

Yes, it's 2012 and my blog-life for the year 2011 is pathetic!! with 4 posts..haha..only, my life-life is not..so, to begin the year, I'm going to share what's have go-going-gone (definitely not in order):

1. Last semester of MBA :)
2. and I managed to tick one of my to-do..Graduate before turning 3-0..Alhamdulillah!!
3. Series of bonding together2 with best friends, friends and everyone...but never managed to catch up with mamat tu :p
4. Ok, actually a bit depressed too with him..
5. Alhamdulillah, berjaya bawak mak & bapak to Singapore in May..first time Mak naik plane..
6. Took a plunge in Fujitsu scholarship..Alhamdulillah, shortlisted to interview..masih berdebar tunggu result..kalau dapat, mmg syukur..kalau tak dapat, bukan rezekilah :)
7. Oh, family trip to Singapore again..USS here we came!!! best~!! but, actually the main reason for the trip is cousin's wedding..hehe
8. Oh, to think of it..actually he does includes me in his life..news of his father's passing. which have made me thinking about life, and a postcard. :)
9. Talking about postcards, actively send and receive postcards via postcrossing!! i like~!
10. Have a blast on my 30th and beyond!! got to meet mas duta personally~! <3
11. oh, i did have a blast with bffs for post-convo photo session~!!
12. Bought an analog camera and maybe one more this year..argh~!!
13. My housemate aka bff moved out. sedih gile dowh! rasa cam nk mati jek..tp alhamdulillah tak mati lg..:)
14. Owh, how could i forget!! a series of personal computer breakdown...and now, I own an iMac!! love it to bits~!!

for 2012, i have not list down (yet! properly!) what i want to do..but basically become a better person and blog more~!! I must have a schedule..ihiks. and right now, I'm off to my bed and read Jan 2012's Cleo..Zooey is in the cover! shoot~!!

So, goodnite! Here's to new year, new resolutions, new and old and the only dreams!

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