Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I have a few this week!!

1. My redemption to print pictures!!! the expiry date is on 10 June 2012, and I have not finished picking up 100 files to be printed :( hurry up, WOMAN!!

2. Rentall???!!!!! Yes, I have not pay this month rental yet, because of the banyak songeh handy-man!! It's been few weeks already that my house is dark, at least in the living room and I dont like it. I've been postponing to call handy-man, because a) I'm going for a trip b) I have not got any number..and one thing led to another, at last, I have to call back the banyak songeh handy-man. So, long story short..I hope he come this evening and quote me the price, so that I can pay rental!

3. Payment for mixer..hehe..this is related to the above. When I pay the rental, than I can pay for mixer. And just cant wait to receive the mixer. Rumor has it, that it's been shipped..I'm thinking biskut raya recipes now..haha..yummeh~!

4. Works deadlines..See how personal life is more important than work?? ehehe..but, I think I have speed up my reading..i quote my boss (whom I think quote somebody else), "Take your time, but hurry up!" haa? :p

Gemma Correll‘s Death By Chocolate made me chuckle.
(via  swissmiss, via @kottke)
ps: totally unrelated..i know~

Update: Item 2 separa settle..Item 3 settled! Now, to set appointment to do the lamp set installation...Rumah-ku akan kembali terang...No more gloominess~!! :>
Eh, Item 1 sudah dimulai..yippie!!

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