Thursday, January 03, 2013

Big Dinner to feast the appetite~

Azlina, a friend of mine crash in my house for reason I dont want to state here. Let just say, she misses Alvin. Hehe. Anyway, I was planning to cook my lovely and seriously yummy anchovies from Sabah from my last Kinabalu trip (I may or may not share the story, later!). Now, presenting to you my 3rd picture for my project. :)

3/365: Nasi lemak's condiment (Ayam goreng berempah, boiled eggs with cucumber,
sambal ikan bilis sedap & ikan bilis goreng!!) Yummeh!

ps: this is also as results from my bff's post about eating nasi lemak on the first day of new year. Terliur! Thanks for the inspiration @yatoque!

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