Thursday, June 28, 2007


You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

am i vain? vain as in " excessively proud of one's appearance or accomplishments"? hm..dont think so. haha..all my sis, well i think, families been talking behind my back, (of course!) i did have resemblence of some Zizie Ezzete's character. can you believe that? am i that bubbly and as animatic as that? huhuhu..heck, if i was..maybe i should hv that pride thingy rite? haha..whatever la..i'm just that ordinary crazy overgrown woman as i am right now..ahaks..

it's all because of you..yeah, you~! if you're vain, i should back up now..yeah, since all the guys i like would likely out of league..yes, married..enganged/gay (whichever true)..and again..married~! i just lost hope on men. haha..wishful thinking

but really, if you are or maybe you hv someone else..i would throw in the white flag. yes, i wouldn't take what's not mine. :) much for writing this. i should be a writer huh? or maybe i should open a bookstore? little time for so many to focus when you think you are capable of doing things simultaneously? but i do think i make a good wife..(haha..kes malas nk keje! *grin*) a solid 5 years to decide! think think think~! act act act~!

ok, currently in love with michael buble's husky voice in everything. so, like i love~! oh, but, i still love my dear boyfriend (despite the rumor) but deep inside..i dont mind if he's gay..muahaha. yelah, he's like something lovable but yet, not this small world of planet Earth. :D

ok..that's about bla bla something about work..hectic! but i always managed to get a few (lotss, maybe!) laugh along the way. june and july and afterwards, my life would be as hectic and quite not rich..ehehe..but i shall maintain that richness in heart, kindness and of course, love! there's lots to hopefully all can be done!

why cant i be 10 and start over? (haha..another wishful thinking)

gossiping with roomie just now about my childhood. the one that i dont understand and something i tend to forget..that's when we..well i mostly, found out how vain the guy is..but my empathy and good will to him for recovering. ok, enough.. but i still have this little fear of what's might come.

i hope you are not vain. you are what you seems to be..but most important. you are what you are.

ok. to work is something i failed to ignore. so come one come all, to my tragic affair. now, today..tomorrow..

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