Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what a start~

well, i'm off to work early. before 7..all eager to eat breakfast at mcD, hot cakes, in fact..but alas, not so lucky me...no hot cakes, but it's OK..i still have that shrek mania! toys..donkey and pino~ ehehe...that SIs sure jealous..muahaha...then, it really pissed me off..well, i have already planned to wear these three baju..and today, is my black kebaya and seluar..i'm all black today..and you know what? i dont deserve any kind of humiliation today..atau umpatan2 menyampah ni..i can wear anything i want whenever i want...it's not up to you or you or you...to comment on what i would wear, ok? unless, of course, i should ask for your opinion...well, you makciks can all rot..for all i care..ahahaha. selamba kutuk aku~ ok, enough said about that..cause that wont bring me down today~ :D i'm still all black and still be today..so bear it..suka atau tidak. hahaha.

then, i bought myself business news..good, i read something good 'bout my dear company. let's all the bolehness spirits rise high today~ and even my 2nd ceo looks good today..ahaks. ok, it's 8:32am..let's all of you and me of course, "membanting tulang, mencari rezeki yang halal~"

good day~!

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