Monday, June 11, 2007

Posto posto~

nothing's new~ still the same old me..who like that same old guy..with the unknown reason. if he can read mind, i would like mine to be him, of course~ my mind. ahaha..

having listen to kaiser chiefs, travis and danny elfman's choc factory OST, recently..i've got so much obsession to date. oh..not to forget, my boyfriend. i heard him yesterday. whoa, it's still amaze me. how i always liked him. :x that' forever obsession.

1. my ringtone: willy wonka, willy wonka..the amazing chocolatier..ahahaha
2. sms ringtone: i dont love you. obses.
3.current playlist: travis - closer & my eyes.
kaiser chiefs - everything is average nowadays (so true!) & boxing champs
4. food: happy meal mcD: damn you shrek mania! ahaha
5. kain fiesta: ahaha..having bought myself china silk..and soon--> "songket tabur". my cash flow like air sungai you know? huhuhu
6. business news: wah..tumbuh bak cendawan selepas hujan. good reading tho.
7. magazines: berani nk kira berapa byk saya beli..:D
8. my bed: i love my current setting of like, i love~!
9. him: oh..semakin obses. why?

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