Wednesday, April 09, 2008

happy birthday, husband!

as a tribute to him, i've updated my description. yelah, kantoi tk smpat nk buat something..hehe..but anyway, my dear gerard arthur way, happy 31st birthday, eventho u didnt look like one..hehe. you know, i've almost hv to separate with you, damn environment! makes me do it..luckily, the system went "weng" a lil bit, and you're safe! and my fantasy la. anyway, dear..i hope ur happy with your real wife (i didnt bought any of her albums yet)..and please be sober, baby! i need you..i hope as long as i ever lived. ;) and on this day, for the rest of my life, i remember you.

haha..just read what i wrote last year for him..

"11 April 2007 - another one! nk wish jugak lagi, sbb i'm so loving this man~ (walaupun org lain akan admit they do too; well, at least not my friends la kan. org2 lain kat the whole wide world) dear gerard arthur way~ happy birthday! dunno how you celebrate it this yr. no coke and drinks for you ok, my dear! not good for your health. starbucks should be OK~ eventho not too healthy also. ahaha. neway, you shall be my forever obsession (for now!) until i find me a very decent man. kalau smpt, saya mimpikan awak,ok~"

tee hee, that was last year..still are my my forever about next yr eh? well, well well, love makes you do lotsa things! my dear husband, taking care always! oh, thanks for missing me yesterday..:* (kalau rajin, klik di sini untuk tahu bagaimana dan kenapa)

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