Tuesday, April 08, 2008

our little "re-union".

hahaha..yeay, right~!

our so-called re-union, happened when my sis, yanti, asked whether i was out for err..a re-union..and me, with such a straight face said, yes~! funny la me, as me and the girlfriends...was like seeing, if not talking, like everyday..so, to be called re-union, was like..ahaha..funny funny funny~!

but anyways, we go and eat at chillies..with all of us, gladly or might i say, unconsciously, have our pre-chillies..like days before the actual Chillies days~! me, went with my dearest colleagues, like last last thursday at klcc (with fila got to eat on "walaupun baki, masih byk lagi :D) ..and yatoque last wk (tk igt kat mane)..

well, to actually set the date was quite not troublesome (sketla)..but really hard to find suitable times..with our ms student who got class every tue, wed+thurs..and ms fii always got work and hv to make appointmnt like early..and me..well, me..i dont hv any probs to fit any time..ahaha..so, finally after much consideration..ahaha..exegerate~! we set the date to yesterday! yeay, best!

and the output is here and the pix above~! maybe we're all over-excited over our little "re-union," there are no pix of our way delicious food taken. we have triple play (bit masin, but still yummy), monterey chicken (bff pick), mushroom jack fajitas (yummy~!) and lastly, nyum nyummmm, our desserts, molten chocolate cake.

all in all, it was a FUN nite out~! and now, i have to think what to write to my dear husband. till 9 Apr post..muwahs..nitenite~!

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