Sunday, April 13, 2008


wuhuu. got 2 days extra weekends..with thursday being sick. i got diarrhea..uhuks..too many acid in my tummy, i cant handle..and still sick now~ :( friday&saturday spent in peninsular residence, business suite hotel. OKla~ i think i might make sis feeling crap, but do not want to think or write more on it.

well, lots been going on! and i hate to mention it here..because that would have reminded me that lot of things were taken for granted. haha. like for instance, safety & security. how we fail to take care of ourselves, friends, belongings.. but i dont want to start on that.

i want to tell one funny but strange thing. i dreamt of him, twice..two days in a row. huhu. it was flattering, yes. we didnt do bad things, obviously, it just strange..but i dont know what to think, or what to feel..with my tummy and my body problems..huhuhu..i hate la this weekend~ no..this week! it's tire me, mentally and physically..:(

will i dreamt of him later tonight? that i dont know..have to sleep first and find out~! haha

i dont know about him, but im surely missing him. goodnight~!

ps: having watched gossip girl the whole day..i need someone like dan humphrey, pronto! :* alaa..but i like rufus too~ dan's father. ahaha. oh, the OSTs great! listening to oneRepublic, they're cool!

pss:lupe plak, thanks bff for the dedication~! :p

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tuan punya said...

huhuhu. this is CRAP~!