Saturday, May 09, 2009

ebony & ivory cheesecake!

yang dah takde la nak cari kan...butttt, i've been looking for it for
a while now..huhu. the cake was so nice i really love it! and i always
try to search for it whenever i go to starbucks.but always to no
avail...pity me..

humm..well right now, im in starbucks in the hope of
ebony& dpt..barulah tau dah tak produce lg. but it's
so yummy!!!!! i really love it! now, i crave for it..huhu..maybe i
should bake it someday...haha...i wonder when would be my someday!
lalala is one of best friend's wedding. lucky, i sms-ed her in
the morning..i really thought her nikah is on the nite! teruk
betul..ahaks..pape pon, Alhamdulillah her ceremony went well...good
good. :x i'm happy for her..harapnya she'll lead happy and good

on other notes, this one shopaholic got one confessionnn! i spent way
too much how? how can i curb my sickness of seeing everything
essential and important? ahahahaha..oops oops..serious issue here
please! dont laugh..lalala. uhuks.. got to curb this like...PANTASS!

i vow to myself, the bangkok trip would be end of my lavish
spending..after that only necessary item. kabush! ihiks.

oh, okla..maybe i should be back home i and kemas rumah..or cuddle up
with Alv. hehe..lagipon..this starbucks is too noisy la..if you want
noisy,.outside la, kat dalam ni nk chill2 jek..terganggu internet
i..walaupon senanya tk berjaya gune strbucks wifi :( terpaksalah gune
my already-exceed-5gb-broadband-usage! sgt tk best...oh..terganggu nya
gelak beso minah ni..uhuhu..baik aku belah before more sins is

so, till next time..oh, you know what? terganggu dgn lagu yg taktau
sapa nyanyi ni..dok cari tk, if anyone..knows who sang song
that goes something like this.."but it's not over till it's
over..bla3.." gimme a buzz! muwahs..thanks! well i heard it 2x already

oh! i'll start my special sem next week..wish me luck! :) TQ.

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efaifi said...

aigner handbag + lumix camera + sunglasses + 3 eyeliners + 3 pasang baju utk wedding yatok ... mane ade byk shopping babe, tu standard laa utk ko hahahahah =P jgn maraaa haaa