Wednesday, May 06, 2009

what a FINE day~

yes, it was.. I guess. I miss/wonder what ever happened to hero. :/ but nvm..did make over today and i was glittery all the way..haha. talk about me being glam..:D

and I bought myself 3 color eyeliner for bff wedding (well, actually I bought 2..then what about the guy's side? she asked. :p so in the end, it's 3..hehe) oklah tu..i'm going to use it anyway~

I cant wait for my high-risk trip..but it's hopeful that everything's gonna be find. *cross hands* but InsyaAllah, we'll have the safe go and return and fun and souvenirs <-- ni yang penting nie..I've to do lists of all things to buy one to be missed! that'll include hero (walaupn cam x pnah nk pass brg lagi..haha) so hopefully, everything's OK!

and now, countdown to the trip! bff wedding! life!

so, take care all..

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