Friday, May 15, 2009

guess where I'm at!?

hehehe..maybe it's not a very good time top visit bangkok now...i'm stuck here in the guesthouse lobby! it's been raining the whole morning..and believe me, it's good to snuggle up in bed...butttt, i'm in land of smiles now! i want to visit the grand palace..the wats and i want to go to the night market that we did not manage to go to last nite!

oh, you know what? we have fine dining at indian's cuisine last nite. it stated halal, so we went in..with 25% off ala carte, we spent a bit after hundred there..:( seb baik sedap kecuali silap order kuah lain plak..tuh yg terlebih mahal plak...sooooo, no fine dining after this..hehe..i've been running low in baht deparment..and i have not shop yet at chatuchak! no no no! so, have to jalan2 today..finish up all the sight seeings..before shop til you drop at chatuchak..hehe

ok! cant wait to see you gals at home! and the boys too...huhu..muwahs!

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phatgurl said...

thank you so much for the goodies... sangat sangat sangat sukeeee... ;)