Saturday, February 18, 2012

I like the date so much, I have to blog today.

Yes, I love 18 February. Today, it is supposed to be my wedding; but I guess the time has not come, I'm still waiting for that to happen. :)

Alhamdulillah, today has been very well to me, except of course for a few glitch..but I take it very calmly.  :D So, all the to-do's for today were accomplished and to wrap it up, there will be pictures. Hooray :)

First thing in the morning, it was raining. Very heavily, which has made me so hard to wake up and wish to snuggle in my bed. But, with such a great spirit..woke up and CSI NY season one a bit, and thought about what dress to wear for the wedding. :D The plan was attend wedding at Keramat->pick up-cake at Bangi->home&change->outing with the girls at Subang. But, of course that does not happened according to plan. I ended up with attend wedding->outing with the girls->pick-up cake. I did not have the chance to be home and change. Hehe, but OK. I still love today. :)

Since, we have promised to be at the wedding at 12, I try to get out from home by 11.45am. hehe..but, being "janji Melayu", I arrived at 1 something because first, I was late and second, I got lost. haha. Well, the wedding invites is through fb event. Dan, dengan sangat bijaknya tidak cetak alamat. Padanlah muka! Anyway, I spent almost 4 hours over there, waiting time for others to arrive and catching up routine. hehe..Well, a good hours spent. :p Tahniah Ayien, and also having the good times with ex-schoolmates.

Then, because of the over-run at the wedding, I have to postpone the pick up. (Thanks K.Hazit!) So, straight to Subang Parade I went. Alhamdulillah, smooth ride from hectic KL. Since, it's my first time to Subang Parade (serious!) I was kinda lost to where the parking is and! quite expensive-lah the parking rate..takboleh datang lagi kalau nk lepak lama..That's RM4.50 yaw! (kalau lepak midveli baru RM3 kot) hiks. I arrived around 5pm and left around 8pm.. So much for the no frill session. haha. I join the girls at the donut place and we continued to chit chat at McD. We are gossiping (offline) as now, what we say on the net stays on the net. But, that for some other post to story about. 

Afterwards, go to nappy change for babyAdy at Parkson and stops at every shop that seems so interesting. Ahaks. i'm a bit worried about the pick up as the place is far at Bangi and I hate driving at night. Not as confident as old days :(

Ok, to keep the story short, I managed to pick up the cake. Alhamdulillah! Tuhan mudahkan urusan hari ini. Dari Subang ke Bangi ke KL tak jam! Memang bersyukur sangat.

And I arrived home sweet home at around 10pm to finish my almost ten hours outside the house..:) Hope your day was great too. Goodnight!

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