Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surat untuk awak.

Dear Awak,
"I was born to love you..with every single beats of my heart"-Freddie Mercury

I always believed that..and I hope someday, yes, someday you can see that. Well, I always love you, kot..definitely with every single beats of my heart. :) Since, from that time when I was still young and naive (eh, I still am-lah..young and naive..ok, maybe not so young and not so naive, but I'm still that girl that would sheepishly giggle and "malu sendiri" whenever I see or even talk to you. OK, even fb-chat with you. :D 

Yes, I want to tell you this. Oh, how I wish you're already married so that I can at least moved on. But, being as stubborn as I can be, I would not budge this feeling until you at least married or whatever. But, if you are married to me, of course the feeling would be cemented in my heart forever. *wink* And, if there are never us, that would heartbreaking (totally!); but, I will be strong enough you don't have to worry about me. 

Last four years, at this date..if you remember, I have asked you a question. You must have felt how crazy this girl are. Well, I am at that time. Crazy over you. :p (OK, still am~) Then, I wait and wait..till I dont know what I'm waiting for. I thought I don't have to ask again, I mean, maybe you're married, have someone special and all..That's the line I won't cross. I won't get in between someone's marriage or relationship, not you..not everyone else. 

This year, my heart begs me to ask; but my head's thinking rationally..huhu. Until now, the head oblige me NOT to ask. Maybe, I won't ask at all. And then, blank! I just got back from hours of finding the perfect Fiyero on youtube. Sorry. I was blank, I don't know what to do. Sometimes, I just wonder why don't you just say no., you did! But, I did not accept the rejection and bounce back. Ah, I'm blank again..great! I mean, you did say no, but in my heart that does not feel right. It is not like NO-NO, when there seems to be something more in this. Am I a fool to think that you even like me? There, I said it. 

Now, I really don't know what to say. I should stop this now.

Have a great leap day!
- Saya    

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