Thursday, January 18, 2007


did i ever told ya i'm a coffeholic~? more like starbucks freak! but really, i dig good coffees...whenever i felt like it~ like today, i think i was sugarhigh/hyper/ named it~ i was like a walking junkie that was so hyper active i felt that i must help all the people that i met..i was being quite a psycho..ahahaha...a little bit wonka i think..ahahaha. well still is~!'s all started with that 1/2 full of milo in a cup filled with hot water for late breakfast... 1 perfect shot of mocha strawberry whateva@sfc for afterlunch and lastly..perfect shot of espresso frapp@starbucks for dinner come supper! yes, with that perfect rocky road~ so chocolaty! i'm completely caffeinated~! ahahaha...the effect still last till now. oh ya, i made someone feel flattered today~ didnt think i can do that! it seems rite.

well, i have a date with my best friend yatoque, which happened to celebrate her birthday yesterday. so it seems quite appropriate for me to see her the day after. ye lah kan, dia pun nak redeem present dia. dasar perempuan~ ahahaha. but the celebration was so sweet. again, i rephrase, never thought i could do that. and then, me being quite "gedik" (which here meant hyper/pyshco/whatever).. i was requesting for a candle..customised my drinks..and sang to her birthday song in front of people. plus, i did networking with that girl working there (starbucks) broaden my horizon, konon~! hehehehe. betapa saikonya saya. but it was worth it~ every minute of it! thanx yatoque for being such a good friend..;) thank you too for appreciating your good friend..:D

so apa lagi ye? before terlupa. alamak, lupa lah saya apa nk ckp..ahaha. tp td dah buat jelingan maut kt delifrance klcc. you can expect me to boycott that particular outlet!

oh yeah! cant wait to see muse in action~! ok, i only bought the cheapest tix available. such a cheapskate. wakaka. well, i'm not interested to lompat2 terkinja2 and mix around people to see them. i'm like that old lady who only come to enjoy the music. ehehe. so me with my dear yatoque will sit at the corner of the stadium and enjoy their ever good live! music. uhuhu..tak saba la makcik~ sure seronoks! hopefully my another good friend kekure and her friends would finally got their seat. ;) haish kene follow up ni tanya dia current news.

oh satu lagi. updates on my room. such a mess. we both are. selamba je si yatoque ni mengatakan niat dia untuk provoke aku pindah ngan die..wek wek wek~! tunggu dan lihat saja. whatever happen next~!

tgh layan muse (black holes and revelations), MCR (the black parade). loving 'em all~ bila la my dear gerard and the whole bunch nk dtg malaysia ni..:-?

okla..cukup2lah tu updet blog. want to dream about my special someone (no one that i really know in reality) and pray for him to find me ASAP. pastu nyanyi sesama, "together we're invincible". kata nk kawin by 18 Feb, tp boipren tkde lg ni..camne??

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phatgurl said...

sweetie buddy , yes, u made me so flattered yesterday. sangat terharu~!! thank u so much for the whole treatment (termasuk bila ko membantu org asing itu dengan wi-fi nya dan membiarkan aku surf ronaldoattack... muehehehe). i'm proud wearing this bling-bling u gave and proud to be your good friend :) take a good care. satu hari kan kau temui jejaka idaman itu!