Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the list.

just read zach braff myspace blog. he's so awesome~ did i tell ya i love his humor and thoughts. lagi, dia sangat senang dipandang. tidak jemu, bak kata orang2 tua. :x hehe. can you sense where i'm going to? naah! ehehehe. ok lemme tell you what i did confess to my dear cousin, Ana. hell she keeps that in mind. so, i'm gonna write it here so i wont forget. or maybe when i read it again few years later, it'll make me laugh until my heads turn. ihiks.

i told her that there are 3 men that i love and they share same age, which is 34. that is in year 2006. born in 1972. with different birthdate, the three men were and always be Mr. Mark Hoppus, Mr. Zinedine Zidane and not too forget Mr. Wentworth Miller. yes, they did not share the same career but age. :x but i'm so loving them.

but if you were someone close to me, and know me. you always know there would be someone not reachable, i repeat, not reachable.. that i love. if there was to be a list, humm...maybe more than 10. but with reasons. so, to make do what i promise to do (well, i told yatoque to do a list about this..) so, here goes. eh before i forget. i love jude law. and just recently found out he was born in 1972. see where it goes? :D

ok. here goes my list. (without alphabetical or 'whom i like the most' order.. just list whoever i remembered)
1. Zidane - French, of course~ since he's retired, i dont know who to root for. uhuks. i mean World Cup. the only football game i ever watched. :D
2. Mark Hoppus - Blink182. whyyy, they have to break-up. hait~
3. Wentworth Miller - Prison Break. need I say more. he's like SO hot~
4. Jude Law - the englishman. so brit. haha
5. Gerard Way - OMG. current obsession~!
6. Bert McCracken - still OK~! harap2 dia jumpa apa yang dia cari ;)
7. Zach Braff - walking genius. i just love his humor and bittersweet language. my, i love u, man~
8. Ahmad Izham Omar - uhuks. malu~
9. Rashidi Ishak - ngee.. kalau ada drama die berlakon, sure nk tgk. whether it's his slit eyes or his smile. dunno. so, mcm i like~
10.Johnny Depp - willy wonka~ willy wonka~ the greatest actor alive! muwah muwahs.
11.Billy Corgan - abang botak tetap menjadi pujaan hati. a poet that i always refer to.
12. Daniel Wu - hehe, agak hensem la cina atong ni. ahaha. eh, guess what? he's '72 babies too. :))
13. Doug Robb - dob:2 jan 1975. uhuks..mmg suka mamat ni. tertinggal plak. neway. he got small eyes. ihiks.
err..ada lagi ke ek?

oops, i think there's more. but none come to mind. no worries, the list will be updated as and when i feel like it. hehe. kenkawan.. kalau agak2 ada yang terlupa, minta tolong ingatkan ok..;)

eh, lupa pasal zach's braff. he did write something about colin hay's song, i'm doing fine. got to find it. sounds like a good hear. neway, enjoy the lyric. muwahs~

oops great~ takde dlm internet lirik dia. biar betul. nampaknya mmg kene carik CD dia. ok, in the meantime, some of it (taken from zach's blog. TQ dude~!)

“Sometimes I’m up…

and sometimes I’m falling down.

Lately my luck…

Has been dragging on the ground”


“I’m doing fine…

and thanks for asking.”

enjoy your week, everyone~!


phatgurl said...

ko lupa sesorang. mamat yang posternya di pintu lemari ko kat umah tuh - si chad michael murray. kecik ati dia. hahahaha.

nottikos said...

haha..tuh la..sebenanya perasan. tp mcm taktaulah kenapa aku abaikan. nnt kot, bila aku rasa perlu. haha.