Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my musical~

haha. nothing perfect can be said with the latest scrubs episode. just marvelous. haha. more than that~ it's all started when a patient passed out and wakes up again listening all the people (people here means - JD, Turk, Dr Cox, Carla, Elliot, even Dr, Kelso..hey dont forget The Jan-Itor ahahaha..dan lain-lain watak sampingan) around her singing to converse. how musical is that~? i was like laughing my eyes out watching it. all the way~ sambil memaksa missfila, my roomie tgk. wakaka. i love all the song. the singing. from the "guy love" (which is so gayY~) and ""Everything Comes Down to Poo"(so disgusting..haha) it was so entertaining. haha. hey, also got matt leblanc as cameo too. ihiks. you can watch the two videos @youtube~ just search for nbc scrubs. think that'll do. ;) but seriously, it's a good watch~! LOL. ok nite2. got to rehearse my speech tomorrow. oh dear, do not be so nervous my laling~

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Anonymous said...

gile gay geli gile smpi goosebumps all over :P muahahahha