Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello, sunshine~ (ala2 gaya mr wonka)'s 2007 already. how time flies. i'm 25+ and getting older each and everyday. huhu. what do i achieved eh? humm..let see. none stands out other than being me. plain impulsive naughty "sedikit malas" hazera :D

haha, resolution for 2007 is...nothing. :D for everyday, i am blessed with all these practical resolution, so i just stick to day-to-day resolutions and live the day as it is. my life, my way. but mind me, i still have what they called plans. it's all on my head. say, if i forget one..the plan will find its way back to me. so no worries. hehe.

so, it's already 6/1/2007. what i achieved so far...more to what i did so far. Bekerja bertungkus lumus dari hari rabu ke jumaat dengan selingan-selingan merehat minda. 80% competent and continously effective. :D akhirnya, mendapat hadiah dari minah kekure. thanx alot bebeh. i like, of course. sendiri mintak~ haha

currently, im sorting out all my personal belonging. CDs, mags, collectibles. musics, prints, such an expensive hobbies. bless me. :D eh, lemme story briefly what i did in singapore recently.

thursday nite: all the way to pudu with very heavy feet. terasa malas2 nk gerak. haha..smpat tgk "what women want" believe me, apart from them being handsome (some lah kan) (the contestant i meant) i dont want any of them. :D not what i want.
friday morn'- at the wee hour of 4am, arrived. found out my prepaid hasnt been registered yet. what the? i remembered it being registered at tmpoint when i'm downgrade my 3g line. haiya. manyak susah wo ini macam. i have to call the careline like at 4am and ask. lucky i'm quite in happy mood that morn, so takde lah amukan syaitan kat larkin. wakaka. neway, at that wee hour, still many people...looking lots like me..lost, sleepy..kalau disorongkan bantal, harus tidur~! apa-apapun, selamat sampai ke rumah bibik. dan jumpa mak..hoyeah..i love. lepas subuh, tidur wlaupun sebenarnya digesa emak ikut dia pegi umah bibik pia. haha. lucky me. tidur smpai puas. kunci alarm pon tk bgn. haha. after zohor, more likely after 3. gone to older uncle+untie house. my dear uncle is diagnosed with prostate cancer. it's been like the whole year, he has to undergo chemo and mostly radiotherapy. it's been glad to see him happy to see us visiting him, but in the same time devastated as there's no words to express what i was feeling that day. i just hope, he'll be OK and pray for his health.
after that went to jurong point to met mariyam, so we lupakan nk bgtau. ana, yam and me went to bibik pia's house all the way in ..(eh, lupe plak kat mana. tp yg pastinya, terhangguk2 gwe tertido dlm taxi haha)sampai2 makan. oh ye, my bibik and her husband were going to perform haj at Makkah. konon pegi menghantar la kan. :D yelah, dah my mak and bapak and also my oldest bro family datg sana, mestila mau menyibuk jugak. :D okla everything went well. but so damn tired. huhu.
saturday: my mak and bapak and the whole bunch balik ipoh that morning. me stay sampai bosan. :D gone to vivocity that evening. nice place. all the at south of spore, with view of sentosa island and the cable car. but i did not go there. maybe next time. :D
sunday: just hang around at house. ana's attend friend wedding. but on that evening, we went to movie. nice~ night at the museum :D then lunch/dinner at thai kitchen. OK~! thanx ana. muwah muwah.
monday morn: balik kl. but merempit with abang kiki. dia hanta gwe sampai larkin. hehe. best tk best? sangatlah experience nye ha..:D

oh tu je la. not too brief nampaknya. :D

uhuks..tuh je la setakat ni.tgh dok melayan lagu2. my chem, muse, the killers and lots of other songs. and hoping i could go to the muse concert. takda sapa nk belanja ke? :D

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phatgurl said...

masa ko tulis entry nih ko kata takde sape ke nak blanja ko tgk muse. now u're the one who bought me the tix. thanks babe... can't wait to spend the eve with muse and u! gonna keep on brit popping... hehehe