Sunday, September 23, 2007


jz finish organizing my room, a.k.a. dissemble my kayu bedframe and relocate the penjara nor frame. ahaha. hee..more spacecy..but dearest bff and also sistas might hv to sleep over the floor..>:) worries dearest dearest..always a good host i am, please please sleep on my spring bed. ahaha..

well, i feel a lil gloomy today..must be the all day sleep i have, or the full marathon of g&g and also kami. uhuks..not too forget best best~! oh, i did not go any further than my balcony yesterday..thoughts of cooking bihun goreng thrown over window as my malasness to go out embraces me..:D i've cooked magi goreng sedap instead. totally sedaps..ehehe..with my over manis tea..but who cares..only prepared them for meself. and it does taste great.

it's sunday already~ uhuhu. i havent done my work help help~! please let there be some rajin left for me to do it..oh lupa..i've organised my hundreds of pix..yeay~! more to print..hoho. but to date, not about pix..akhirnyaaa..bajuku sudah siappp..mekasihh bff~ tidak sabar mau berjumpa nampaknyaa....ehehe..di manakah ye? sleep over, again? ahaha..

okla..maybe it's time for me to sleep over at yours, dont you think?

what else eh? time to sleep..wanna wake up for sahur..:D nighty nite, everyone~! muwahs.

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