Friday, September 28, 2007

fall to pieces.

is something i dont want to be. ahaks.. but i guess i am. yesterday, i lost my other-half. at work. no more sametime, no more ride home to lrt, no more working together on saturday, no more sharing latest gossips, no more praying together2, lunching's hard eh to let go of things as such. but for what's worth, i hope she's cool at her new place..anddd, dont forget to meebo, my dear~! :p

to date, classes is like on every day...uhuks, and my brain is like working sideways...i hope all the
info is cemented and fully understood. ahaks. very tiring. and no use of complaining as this is fully work related..ahaks..and i dont know what's i am babbling about~ better stop like, right now..ehehehe

what else aa..this week sucks~! :D thank you.

dan tak saba nk kembali ke rumah...hoyeaa~! oh, what should i get him? huhu..rasa nk bagi jek ..err..tak kot..ahahaha

okla..mau tidur dulu..nighty nite~!

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