Thursday, September 06, 2007

..gediks mode..

i love you, always forever..near and far, closer together..everywhere, i will be with you..everyday, i will devour you..:x

jgn salah sangka..having heard this song by donna lewis (after so many years), reminicsing those innocent time. kalau tk silap lagu ni sudah berumur lebih 10 tahun (around that time~) okok, just googled was 1996..close heh? 11 years wow~! that's how long since i heard it last..gila lamaa. hehe..dan sangat cute~!..when i sing-along this song, terasa sgt gedik. hahaha. okayla..terpaksa mengaku, sy sedikit gedik..muahaha.

oh..psst, teringat satu lagi.."i could be the one" pon sgt gedik..ehehe..but cute definitely~! terpaksa post satu gamba gedik..haha..oops boleh ke, teredit sekali..:>

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