Wednesday, September 12, 2007

come one, come all~!

quite a weekend i have and havent had the chance to write accordingly..hehe. thanks to workloads and also myself., in weekend was hectic, fun, jerits2 manja gitu and food, food, food~~!

1. rabby and baby sophie come sleep over. owh, with bff..ahaks. we were like lunching and dinner @2200 as our beef stew was ready by then..ahaks..but it was deliciousss and finger licking good~! baby sophie was more cuter and also quite cranky by the hour..ahaha..but not too forget, her auntie noor is crankier..muahaha.
2.went to ikea with intention to get the new catalogue, but to no avail. well, quite devastated but hv to letgo.
3.watched disturbia, sambil jerit2 manja, and gossips a little with bff. yeah, yeah..:p welcome for the thank you. yeap, i gave her priviliges to sleep on my cosy little bed. ahaks.
4.sunday morning, woke up a little late. and kene paksarela membeli bahan utk masak. thanx roomie for lunch~! delicious~! ahaks
5.gol&gincu. sexier and juicier by the week. btw, i way love shasha's room~! bila nk cat bilik ni?~!
6.tido jek keje dan agak malas nk membuat keje. :( so, i dont like~!

ok, now..last 3 days. at work, hectic as ever..we're gonna go-live one system this saturday (br teringat, camne nk blk kg nie?) so, it was like hell in my place. and i was being quite gila2 this few days..with classes on this one module, tm, and tomorrow, py. and also others. i have to master at least 5 modules. man~! that was tough. not only modules, skills too. java, webs, configs..huhu..and i miss him..

there, i said it. uhuks..weeks feels like forever, and i did not even wish him. that was not good~ what i've been up and about, i dont know. with my other half in office leaving by end of this month..i must say, i feel quite not great. please, please, let there be motivator in me..please, please let me be a good girl and eat my sahur, and read 4 pages of Quran after solat. please let me be extra good and be at office at least before 0800. and please, please..let me be extra rajin too. please, please, let my brain works well so that i can learn and explore life and work. please, please..bersihkan hati saya sempena bulan ramadhan ini.

oh, agak sedih ni..sbb kedai yg sy nk pegi b4 pose ni, tknak masak nasi goreng ikan masin dan telur dadar utk saya. lepas tu, kedai sup sendeng pon tutup..ali cafe pon..pastu derang taknak gi stoberi akhirnya makan a&w.. but it's redha. :D

oklah..rasa mcm nk blk lah, sy sgt pnat..tolonglah rajin sket..nk basuh baju, nk basuh 2 sets of bedsheet (penat tau jadi saya), nk bukak katil, nk solat terawih, nk online kjap kt umah..pastu tido..

oh, last words..dear all..i'm sorry for my wrong-doings..selamat berpuasa semua. ;)


phatgurl said...

baby sophie was more cuter and also quite cranky by the hour..ahaha..but not too forget, her auntie noor is crankier..muahaha.<---- sangat setuju dengan diri ko! muehehe. tak sabo nak masak dan porridge bersama kamu dan fila. yummmm!!

tuan punya said...

haha..i somewhat know u would say that..muahs. ;)

sgt tak saba jugak beb~! ke menerima baju kitorang membuatkan kami tk saba~! >:)

tp pape pon, both doesnt make much different~! sbb dua-dua adalah aktiviti yg sgt dinantik2kan~! cant wait..thinking about it makes me drool..ahaha..psst..baru lpas sahur ni..dan baru jek azan..taking care dear~!