Monday, February 18, 2008


my supposed lucky day. well, i feel luckier already. haha..

will you dance with me tonite? :x 

good day~!

while, im updating this (again!)..i'm crying..not that there's something bad/sad now..but i cannot help it..this song, jz keep me doing it..crying, i mean *sobsob* me cant sing it properly also..yelah, i cant stop crying what.haha. the lyrics + melody melancholically stabs thru my sensitive heart. :D anyhoo, please read this, who knows me..shall understand. 

"If you could told me everything
You could have found what love is
If you could have told me what was on your mind
I would have shown you the way
Someday I'm gonna be older than you
I've never thought beyond that time
I've never imagined the pictures of that life
For now I will try to live for you and for me
I will try to live with love, with dreams
and forever with tears"

fyi's not mine..googling about "X-Japan-Tears", the song that always kept me crying. huhu..i found this poem..sources said, there would be times that in the end of this song, the poem is recited by the band. 

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