Monday, May 12, 2008


i went for the most unexpected event i would go....alone~! mmg sgt tk dipercayai..uhuks..but all in all, it was worth it~ i got to meet the infamous hishamudin rais..he's cool~ and he have signed my reason-to-come-to-the-event-in-the-first-place's book. ahaha..thanks, z."Keganasan, Penipuan & Internet-hegemoni media daulah pecah", mr isham's compilation of words in various prints. :D cant wait to read it, yeah~

i find there's more title to be purchased..but my pocket is not so deep : uhuks..maybe next time..but it was tempting..mental note: to read more articles. haha

oh, the unexpected event is...

the gig was awesome, set in MCPA near monorail Maharajalela..the space is cool, the bands playing was great..the sounds OK, but im not sure why i dont get to hear the lead vocals clearly..but all the bands was freaking awesomw~! i only managed to catch a few band that i quite like (hujan, couple, muck + free love), but hv to ditch butterfingers with such heavy's 10pm beb..eventho did not hv curfew..but still hv to come home what..esoknya damn malas~! okok, sambung~! im honored that 3 of 4 bands that i mentioned is based in my hometown..ahahaha..ipoh mali talak somong lo~! ahaks. oh, what makes the gig more special is, their performance is accompanied by set of orchestra~! cant u believe cliche it might sounds, they sounds perfect~! and special..:)

oh, blk umah mkn ngan hommie..and also get to eat my "biskut batik yg lain sket rasanya tp still sedap".wakaka.

okla, done on that! which is "what happened on sunday!"..on sat, went to klcc and finally got my birthday present..thanks again~! watched "ps, i love you" heart the book versions better! oh, b4 that..late dinner with f,e,j+b. ahaha. thanks, f~! banje mkn..semoga murah rezeki~! oh, by end of this room is more teratur~! :D

ok, sleep sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a longg day~! x

ps: i dont think i would write something on my fav idol. i lost some faith in him..:D


phatgurl said...

i thought i'm ur fav idol... how could u? uhuk uhuk uhuk :D

tuan punya said...

uik..perasan plak..:p hahaha..well, im not talking about u la..

my fav dato' sri awo la kan..hahaha..but turn out, he did well..he still remembers his previous employee. that some lost faith is regain. haha.

ye la yela..ur one of my fav idol la..(jaga hati..lalalala)