Thursday, May 29, 2008

yayaya~ lepas pindah ke tgkt 9..i'm single now. kami sudah berpisah..uhuks.

on other notes, some things were just not meant to be. :

enough on that, im gonna miss bff. it's her travelling month. (sgt jeles di sini) but i hope she have fun!

and then, i dont feel very good. huhu. mcm satu bdn gatal..muke pon..uhuks..makan tk btul ke? ke i have allergic with cats? huhuhu...rashes pon dh naik2 ni..uhuks..i dont feel good about this.

oh, i hope our little outing a success~!

okla..nk melayan gatal nie. oh, my current place is very the near pintu belakang..not so cool~! but i get to see people in, ppl please more cute/handsome ppl lah yg lalu lalang..:))

1 comment:

phatgurl said...

i'm back bebeyh... and travelling month is over. so no need to miss me anymore yah... hehehe.