Thursday, May 22, 2008

we've made it..

finally~! after all these -->

cant quite make the right time to fetch'em, always got bz hehe;

out of sudden..the damn lift failed us (after that we found out, that the lift would fail us for as long as 22 that's like 2 months away..:(( makcik kurus la gini..13 tingkat maa);

prior to that, i was like climbing up and down 2 sets of each yesterday..carrying about 5++ kg of goodies..(kalo makcik tk kurus ni, mmg makcik bakar jek blok 3 tu~);

and maybe more or less everything..

it was a long week or rather speedy one..ahaks..but here are the outcomes -->

we have adopted 2 cats..brad (the one slightly bigger, he's about 5mnths;birthdate 04.12.2007) + alvin (kucing angkat, dok buat teman si brad sampai la sekor lagi bard switch, about 3 months; birthdate prolly 2 mnths after brad)

ini adalah brad yg konon shy2 cat..up till today, he's still adjusting..muwahs~!

so, my mission's are:

taking care of the not so little cats;

learn to scoop the poops (huhu);

try not to be too attached with alvin, bcos i think i already love him (uhuks);

think of a.k.a. names of our cats (haha);

err..lotsa going on on my this is updates on how our nite's adopting cats..thank you's tender loving care with the cats, affirmative~! thanx too roomie for your efforts. really appreciated it ;)

so, now that i have 2 more responsiblities under my care...i hope, i'll achieve whatever i want..what do i want, really?

hero makes me mad and me thinks me made him mad back; bfast tomorrow wif abe (i dont know what to do, eventho it's me who've asked); aab's so tensed i dont know how to make better (no~)

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