Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the one korean person that i shall love always...

with jang nara of course..haha

that one person is jang hyuk..i so adore him la..having first saw him in "successful story of bright girl" (did i get it right? pape lah..haha) it was like love at first sight..since then, i've tried to watch/find movie series with him..well, i did have some mishap, i missed the event that he has to go some military service that seems like a MUST in i did lost him for quite some time...that was after the movie "windstruck"..mmg depress and sedih habis~! first time tgk..tersedu2..lpas tu, tgk lg..sedu citer tu mmg gerekkkk habis~!

then, come a time like last few months, i have seen some clips in TV, i think..about this one series, "thank you" which is like a comeback for him...i was like, "oh, this is a must watch~!" asked my colleague to buy it..which actually she did owned it..terlupa! and finally, last week...i managed to catch it~! it was a blast! sad, and happy and comedy, and comforting, at the same time, depressing~! lah kn, typical first you fight2..then mcm tk ngaku plak perasaan tu...wakaka..sapa jugak yg tgk kan..sendiriii jugakk~! ahaks..but i like hyuk in handsome~! wakaka...mcm die cakp.."suave"..ahahak..ikut translation la takpela..mmg minat dia, nk wat camno? :D

err, i managed to buy the OST it melampau kah? tonite, im gonna make it my lullaby~! below is one of the many videos in youtube~! mmg kerren di buat teman tidur, enggak? :x

well, since the unfortunate event..i'm becoming less me and more emo! crap crap crap~! i dont like it, but i cant help it~! but "komapsumnida"..thank you, thank you, thank you for those who always be there and humor me...;)
still, i havent write anything about my idol..damn~!


phatgurl said...

komapsumnida... akhirnya dah boleh tinggalkan komen. sibuk dengan cite korea die tu... huhhhh~!!!!

tuan punya said...

hahaha..komapsumnida, nunna~! ;)

alaa..kasik can la..aku kan seasonal jek mende2 ni..sekang tgh sibuk la asian theme aku nie..mmg dok minat si jang hyuk nie haa..ahaks.