Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love Paper!!

Actually, I have another post in draft..but this cannot wait..haha..*takut terlupa*

Just now, I've been looking for paper cutter in Malaysia and by that, I mean online..:) Then, I find this blog, which is surprisingly nice..on craft..and a Malaysian! How cool is that? I know one, by one, I mean my bff..hehe.

This blog, with a name of miyyah@kertas is a very interesting crafts made by paper. So comel!! The crafts has made me itching to do one of those quilling. (Well, still need to do some research about that!) But, sooooo Cute!! See below for pictures..:)

*all pictures are property of miyyah@kertas

OK!! I must stop now..haha..too many eye-candy! chow!

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