Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a quick one!

If you know me, I'm the most un-organized person, even when I try to be one. :>

So, following advise from Nubby from her post Organization Methods: Tips and Tricks from A Virgo (from ages ago); I'm very determined to be organized for a bit. Ok, maybe not solely from her..I'll take some bits and pieces from my dear hommie/bff advise too (who's a Virgo, too!). Oh, nampaknya memang si Virgo memang seorang yang organized~ hehe and also, my Capricorn bff. :) and of course, internet! Informations' heaven.

As, I want to invite them over, someday. And that someday was too long ago..Hence, I MUST do something. So, this weekend is my HOME time. 

To transform from this, 

to this :)

Or somewhat likely. Hehe.

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