Friday, March 09, 2012

I have new addiction, that is.......

Neon Trees! or, is it Tyler~! *blush*

Image Credit: Tyler Glenn

cute, heh? Well, he's some sort of bad boy that I would like :>

and, my current tunes...Everybody Talks!! don't they?

I just have viewed their animated music video and they are just rad and cute!!! oh, I love cute..:>

and the lyrics...awesome!

hey baby won't you look my way,i could be your new addictionhey baby what you got to say,all you're giving me is fictioni'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the timei find out thateverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talks

chorus:it started with a whisperand that was when i kissed herand then she made my lips hurti can hear the chit-chattake me to your love shackmama's always got a backtrackwhen everybody talks back

hey honey you could be my drugyou could be my new prescriptiontoo much, get me an overdoseall this trash talk make me itchingoh my my shiteverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talkstoo much

never thought i'd live to see the daywhen everybody's words got in the way

hey sugar show me all your loveall you're giving me is frictionhey sugar what you got to say

Ok, off now..I'm quite stressed..and can't wait to be home!! 

update: Oh, I'm still in flow..haha..just found out that actually, the official music video's out!!! argh, can't see it now, hopefully to watch it soon..i bet it's totally rad..50s, drive-in, and zombies!? awesome, obviously~!


phatgurl said...

I tak suka rambut dia tuuuu

hazera said...

hehe..i pon tk minat! ignore jek selalu..haha