Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"abang mak dah takde~"

that's what my mother hv said, in the trip that seems like forever to the muslim
cemetary. I was shocked to hear that and together we cried. I held her small frame
close as i reached for her hands. She was so fragile. I was too. I can feel her
sadness. it was indescribable.

Remembering the day that I met Obek Juri last year, it was devastated as he was no
longer the uncle who used to bring me and my brother to walks, trips when I was in
Singapore. When I was small. When my speech was still tongue challenged. When I
was so excited to ride on double decker bus and fell off my seat, while singing.
haha. biasalah budak lg kan..(everybody still remembers that, you know & yeah,
that's the routine stories to be laughed about la..yeah, about me) when I was
that cute innocent little girl, which still am. ahaks.sorry la, terangkat bakul

but he is still my dearest uncle. the father to all his sisters. my mother, & my
aunties. i may not remember all his kindness, but i'm sure he will be remembered
by his grace, kindness, thoughtfulness and above all, his love.

i'm not good in eulogy..i'm sucks at it..(very true)..seeing him yesterday in the
strectcher and looking all sick and fragile, being carried home. (if you're in
s'pore, it is quite a hassle in conducting kenduri's (happy, sad and all). I cannot
tahan my sadness, and me being me..i cant get myself to kiss him..but at last, i did
manage to kiss him goodbye. he died peacefully at noon on Sunday, 29 July 2007.
of cancer.

So long, farewell. ;)


phatgurl said...

dearie, sedih sangat baca entry ko ni. feel so sorry for u. may your obek rest in peace. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan dijauhkan seksa api neraka... amin.

~comei~ said...

salam takziah..