Thursday, July 19, 2007

hear, hear~

i'm married~ yippie, in development..ahaha. effective 1st July recently, i am a proud wife of mr gerard arthur way..mrs way..hehehe..funny..ehehe..okok~ only in 110 ok. yet, i'm just plain happy. ok, husband..luv ya~

on other notes, just finished love life. sad but happy. the author really developed its character and situation and it felt like i really know them and feel them. uhuk uhuks. they're so real..they feel real and close.. well, it make me aware how to cope with fear of not knowing..and cancer. i'm scared of it, no denying it..but i'm hoping the best..for me, my family..and others. to my dear obek juri, i'm sorry i ever try to avoid you. i'll come over someday..ready. he might not read this, but take care.

my work: quite sucks, but thanks to my other half..and others..we're ok. oh, not to forget, him. TQ. kerana korang semua aku masih di sini. *poyo*
my life: bosan gak la..but dengan quite golongan yang sama, aku masih OK.
bff: sgt rindu.
familia: rindula kat derang.
cinta: are there?

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