Saturday, July 14, 2007

going postal~

no my my whatever in details. briefly what happen as below:

1. my sabtu: went to the curve with intention to join apostrophe but i'd passed for blk tido and then went to my bro's family day @montkiara equestrian park. layan concert rocks (ada radja, ella dn lain2) and bla3. blk tido flat. ahad: melodi? berita hangat "hans&erra". visit my dear sis @UKM KL. agak kopak la perjalanan. blk ke klcc yg dgn tujuan sbg stesen lrt klcc dh ke kino dan membeli belah buku. but loving it. bought kam raslan's confession of an old boy. dah abih pon..besttt~! oh ye..balik rumah..makan dinner ngan rumet kat stroberi field yg sgt byk. monday:pegi keje..pastu tk igt la plaka apa yg prominent for the day. tuesday: pegi keje..tensi..dan juge dpt call and pegi klcc..lagi~ ahaha..met up my cousins and auntie..oh, ye~ i emailed him..and seems quite OK! wednesday: half-day, tourist guide to my cousins and auntie to masjid jamek/jln lrt. bought myself kain..lagi~ nice~ feel good/happy? die bosan happy smpai petang or malam...sis came over..with intention to watch transformer..ok, pernah tk seumur hidup korang wayang cancel, last minute..dan only inform, when we're trying to get in~ so like %^&%&*%*#^#*& well i'm about to go postal..but i i just leave the task to my friends..
so dont think i'll be watching transformers. haish tp bff soh tgk gak..camne? later will think about it~ thursday:nothing prominent too..tense lebih..and also silence..menyampah..what do he think i am? weks. oh, yatoque sleeps over..we hv fun alittle bit. she brought dinner for everyone. bersyukurlah walaupun leftovers. ehehe..oh, lupa..briefing by projectsPD. seems i have to strive never know what would happen..uhuks..oh yea, i sat beside one mamat that i happened to have a crush with..before i know he's married. since then, he's only a kureng nye kenkawan, nk gak soh aku dok sebelah..weks..seb baik nothing happenned..ker ade ek? ahaha..only me and him know. >:) friday: went to work with bff..well, seems like our lucky morning, despites "friday the 13th" haha...yelah kan, since my bad luck has passed on wednesday..huhuhu..pepagi dh ke menara bekerja~ i see other side of a colleague..or more..but it was OK. he did but it was sucks. oh..bizi jugak~ and i did called mak before blk..she told me my so-called boifren if la kan..ahaha..oh..forgot..i said goodbye. for good i hope. sabtu:pepagi kene bgn dn bekerja demi kompeni dpt join another apostrophe session..huks..naseb baik tk crucial as the first go-live~ jadiknya, kol 1245 camtuh dh kembali ke rumah~ bagus..we went to and roomie to anta tempah our baju-bajuan..pnat la haa..kitorg lukis2 design nk buat baju the end the makcik tamo terima pon lukisan kitorg.but no kisah..and went jalan2 and makan2..menggemokkan diri yg mmg sedia gemok kisahlah, asalkn happy~! okla..currently dok dpan pc and ngadap blog..nk mandi and settlekan hidup~!

taking care all~ have to do something about my postal state..maybe i should be more postal to get what i really want. so goodbye to you my dearest..i really meant it.

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