Friday, July 06, 2007

nothing happened.

i am ciknort. i'm falling..for almost 13 years. only on last february.. on the 8th, to be exact..i've make a move.after initial contemplation..after two phone calls to my two best friends..after "silence"..after "home"..after contemplate again ..after all the nervousness thrown away over the window..after 13 years..the response was ok..glad.. but, i'm not sure. i'm not sure does he feels the same way. i'm not sure. how was i to know for sure? i'm confused. it is complicated. i'd rather hear he'd say..wait..i dont really know what i'd rather's july now..we're ok ok..nothing happened..we're ok ok..we're ok?

ps: anya hindmarch, here i come~


phatgurl said...

u updated this blog 7 hours before that anya hindmarch 'thing'. saja nak ingatkan ko yang 7 hours after 'it' happened kita tak dapat pun beg bengong tuh. grrrrrr!!!! bakar! bakarrrr!!!!

nottikos said...

yeah bebeh..i was about to update about that tonite~ ahahaha.