Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cant get enough of futurama~

yes, i am..huhu~

haha..right now waiting for the new movie to come out and watch it lalala. i've just cant get enough of the first movie..(watched it twice..cant wait for more~haha) and i am way beyond like la..the love-hate relationship of fry and leela~! uhuks..wish i can found the "one" similar to fry in sense of liking~! hiks..

guess, i never will..huks huks. oh, right now..i've just settled with what i got~ which is nothing~!

and the cats~ uhuks..they are the biggest jaga kucing..bukan anak lg.. i wonder? uhuks.. this might be the sign..i'm not ready yet to take care of anak org..ahaks

so, i am is..cant get enough of futurama, thank you~!

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