Thursday, June 26, 2008

germany v turkey

gonna watch the game tonite..that's the plan. having cooked nasi goreng beriani..which is tasty~ despice the sayor cmpor keras sket..haip..but i dont care..still sedap..haha..that settled for bfast this morning..

so, before i go and fix myself to be "jambatan utk brad+alvin main lompat" later...i just want to remind me..if not myself, everyone got their own problem..not just me, depressing about how sucks my life is..

ok, gonna update (def.) later on the game..which is only, would be the score..if i want to write a review..dah lama i ada kat basel tau, tgk bola tu live-in-action~ haha.

oh ye, i'm being lobbied actually, to root for how how?

am i game for this? :>

till later..bff, muwahs..i miss ya~

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