Wednesday, June 18, 2008

France 0 - 2 Italy

huhu..almost 2 yrs since i watch football match. haha. and with this, i hv watched match of the "wc moment" france v. italy with 80% of the match im doing sleep..haha..and i deserve to grief for france for the least i got another an hour and a half to do so.

oh, thank you to kittens for managed to woke me up in shock with bunyi pecahan set comel cawan roomie at 230am. notti sgt korang ni..pdn muke, fila's wont talk to u 2 notti kittens for what...2 weeks. hahaha. on your face!

so, back to my grief..uhuks uhuks..maybe it's just not their luck with ribery injured only in 7 minutes playing..huhu..and then, the game was just quite a blur for me..and the reception signal of our house didnt help either..when i woke up..i dont know when, it's like i see 1-1..which makes me quite jumpy..but then..0-1..damn~! did they hv a chance? uhuks..well, wake up for subuh..and then surf to find the answers..huhu..mark the starts of my griefing day~ sleep again till 8 (kes malas juge nk pegi keje)..arrived at cekodok keras (kelig said, jgn beli lg dah), eat medicine, go training..and pissed. haha..and also, announce my griefness @gmail..ahaks..well, it's such an effort tau for me, with being sick, eat medicine which supposed to make me sleep..and also managed to catch 20% of the match..:D:D haa..tatau nk merapek apa dah nie..

okla, the conclusion is...even how much you like the team, if you are sick..please just be sick. dont push it..padan, now i want to sleep..

and yes, i make a very good meal for my dear me..bubur nasi+ikan bilis+hotdog <--food for sick people. night night~ :*


phatgurl said...

jez remember... no bena expectorant during office hour ye. hehehe. well, my world cup moment happens tonite as portugal vs german.

tuan punya said...

hehe..baik mem~

humm..kalau boleh tgk, i tgk jugak ye..but maybe i watch only 5-10%..the rest sleep..ekeke