Monday, June 30, 2008


i didnt woke up at 230 or even at the sound of phone call..and i missed the final. huhuhu..and me, being the deutschland's kaki..feel a little sokongan tk smpai sana..tuh sbb kalah. hahaha..

it's okay then..that marks the end of my ball updates..for the next wc should be my next one..hopefully lah..hehe!

enjoy everyone, and i hope i have a great monday~! *cross-hands*

oh, spain for the second euro win ;) better luck next time, deutsch~

err, lupe lagi..rasanya mcm ada mimpi dia lah malam td..*sigh*

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phatgurl said...

ko tido cukup-cukup mulai sekarang. 2 tahun lagi ko bangun untuk world cup plak. hehehe.