Sunday, June 29, 2008

nani's engagement + urbanscapes~

huhu..saturday was quite hectic! yes, it was! pg2 bgn..(if u consider 830 is pg la kan..haha) but i was quite degil malas nk terkenangkn, it's gonna be a longgg day...paksa diri bangun..basuh makan kucng..siap2 pegi umah nani..hooray~!

1. at nani's, it was great..gonna updates pix later..or maybe at my picasa. her theme was good, white.silver. :D the food was delicious..nyum2..rasa nk tmbah jek lagi..ehehehe..the offerings was nice..cantik jek..and goodie bag is cupcake! hopefully it was good. oh and chocolate..:D i like!

2.the journey towards urbanscape quite was like..2 trip to hani's house, again..and dari pukul 2 nk smpai klpac..turn-out almost 4 we arrived..sorry belot, for the lateness..:D hehe..but we did hv fun..watching movie, then eventually bought tix for theatre~ hahaha..nk kene carik duit lebih lagi nie..uhuks..but seriously, i like urbanscape..after 4 yrs waiting..and i vote for klpac again..the venue is like so sesuaii~ theatre for movie and gallery..and the atmosphere there is soooo peaceful..if u minus all the gig la kan..and and..the koi centre~! so la sesuaiii nk buat tmpt bercinta...ahahahaha...overalll, i give 4 out of 5 stars..for the urbanscape this yr..yeay~! cant wait for another one! :x

oh..didnt i tell you, yet! im so head over heels with, he's no spain footballer..he's 18 tho..but he's so handsome la for me..babyface one..and like i madly falling for him..lalala...oh, he's a model..thanks bff for pursuing me to buy female~ turn out this issue sgt best~! hahaha..i got the whole pages of gustavo..and lotsa other articles too..:D

okla..oh, thanks bff for the buy 1 free 1 at starbucks..cpat2 upload gamba..jgn lupa anta k~! ihiks..

muwahs all..thanks for making my weekend a blast~! few weeks..or can i say months, im gonna be...a slave..huhu..gudlaks to me~! semoga bertahan hingga ke akhirnya~! *crosshands, hard*~

oh oh...lupa lagi~!!! malam ni final euro..huhu..tgk sorang2 lg..mmg confirm jadi jambatan main lompat2 si kucing2 ku ini..huhu..malam ini, aku seorang penyokong jerman~! go, go, deutcsh~!

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phatgurl said...

i love our gals nite out malam itu di mana kite tangkap2 gambar di sana-sini macam tourists. hehehe... and i'm so in lurveee with the black mocha frap. ooohhhh... syedappnyeee.