Tuesday, July 15, 2008

for alvin, who is to be neutered..

thanks to art, i've successfully read "the witch of portobello". the title itself has made me wander about portobello, but the story wasnt..but i like it~! a different approach in describing the witch. haha..well, i feel good!

and now..i've been tagged!! like last week..maaplah bff baru nk buat nie..jgn marah k! :P

5 things in my bag:
i. my 3G k610i handphone (ntah btul ke tk..but it does serve my craze for video calling..haha<--malangnya takde sapa dah nk bervideo call dgn)
ii. my esprit walllet
iii. keys + my little black book
iv. CD lip gloss (sometimes i dont hv cosmetics in my bag, tatau nape tetibe ada satu..haha)
v. my almost FULL ipod classic! (serves me well during my "breeze" walk to office

5 things in my wallet:
i. notes and cents
ii. essentials: ic, driving license yg tk gune langsung (must drive car this weekend!), medical card, ATM cards
iii. no photo watsoever (new wallet, still single, dont hv time to find pix to put..but i do have 1 big compartment for pix in it..need to update, definitely!)
iv. cards: isetan, bonuslink, real, kotamas, borders RM30, aussino, jcard
v. others: i have voucher to sunway theme park. other than that..naada!

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
i. my "penjara nort" bedframe
ii. the ikea spring mattress that quite the reason i always oversleep
iii. all my bedsheets, cozy pillows, comfy comforter and alls that's on my bed (that might include alvin+brad<--when they kacau me lah)
iv. i like the built-in wardrobe too..happily fit all my clothes
v. the cermin also i like..with its drawers and space to put all my make-up and stuff..eh, i like all my books too..:D my reading area. haha

5 things i wish to do:
i. of course to finish this fast so i can sleep..oh, but i cant..have work to do.huhuhu
ii. kalau boleh, nk jumpe tengku hussein pastu ckp kat die..saya kan ada..*wink wink dgn gediknya*
iii.kalau boleh gak, nk jumpe budak sebelah rumah pastu ckp kat die, "cant you see and get it, already?"
iv. kalau boleh jugak..kalau boleh laa kn..nk jumpe gerard way face to face and heart to heart..ecewahh~!
v. honeymoon ngan husband.

5 things i'm doing now:
i. menjawab mende alah ni la kan..:P
ii. berangan pasal tengku hussein, pastu ngan gerard gak..pastu ngan budak sebelah rumah la..huhuhu..takleh concentrate ni..huhuhu
iii. pastu pk2 plak..camne la nk menghadapi the rest of the week.
iv. chat ngan sesapa tah..boleh tk kalau tk layan je?
v. haa..si alvin ni dh mengacau dah..tgh duduk atas my lap..:P

5 people i would like to tag: (make sure u have this game on your blog)
i. i dont hv 5 ppl la..how? the one that tagged me of course already did rite..the one she tagged which me + roomie..done already..so who else?
ii. sapa2 nk buat la kot
iii. cos..
iv. im ending it..
v. here..lalala

oklaa..nitenite everyone! i miss you.


phatgurl said...

finally u managed to do it..yeay~!! better late than never. ehehehe. thanks beb. oh btw, aku tau yg ko miss tu pastinye bukan aku kan... kan kan kan?? hahaha.

tuan punya said...

ko la kan..weks..meniggalkan aku sorang2 smalam..and ye..somebody else too, which i hv to clearly think..why do i hv to miss? lalala

phatgurl said...

i obviously know who the next person is. thank you.