Monday, July 07, 2008

where have my "love life" gone?

i dunno where it is..huhu..i'm sad..because i like the's lose someone, when you and him/her are meant to be forever..but to sulk over it is a, a plead to my dear friends..if you gals have it, please return it..huhu

thanks a lot~!

oh, good news everyone~! found back my AIRCON tix.. yeay~!

bad is indeed monday blues! i got tons of work..and i cant find where the hell to apply for MBA in UM site! is it me, being so stupid today? huhuhu


phatgurl said...

jangan lupa... apply jugak tau. cuz i have the feeling that u gonna meet "the one" masa dalam kelas nanti. hehehe.

tuan punya said...

thanks beb! im so determined to go to the campus itself, hopefully tomorrow. but why do i think i kinda like anak ikan nie? uhuk uhuk.

phatgurl said...

fishyyy fishyyyy... muehehehe.

mieouw said...

agak2 aaaa taste nk under age jer, hishhhhhh we r closer to 30 than 20 okaayyyy, aku ngan rela hati nk remind ni muahahahaaa

tuan punya said...

uhuk2 :p mungkn aku akn kmbl ke pangkal jln. sekian, terima kasih.