Friday, July 25, 2008

tell me what to do. still unwell..deep inside..lalala again! but this must i hope with my 3days at ipoh..would cure me..lalala again and again!

did i tell u, i've asked him to watch "the dark knight" which i know beforehand what would be his action..can you tell? nada la of course..hahaha..but that's not gonna break me down, even i know..i would feel broken inside..lalala. i just shove it away, and tada..i am definitely OK~

this week is definitely is combination of events which i could say sucks and of course not so sucks la kan. but i do feel kinda down at office. i shouldnt take things personally or rather granted..i am, sometimes! so, shove them awayy, againn..and of course, I AM OK~ lalala

hey..this is not what i want to story's me now @starbucks pudu waiting for my bus at 1030pm..and sister, ila with her friend.we're going back together to kg..i want to tell about songs that been lingering've been repeating this song..i dont know how many times..but tell me what to definitely the song that not that cool..but more to techno thingy..or rock techno..i's just too catchy..i likeeee the chorus...lalalala..maybe this week not so bad..i've found two bands that totally cool. firstly, thanks to roomie for the intro..LUDO, i've their latest album.."you're awful, i love you"..i just like their kinda gila2 lyrics with kinky behavior..sometimes la..but no worries husband..your band is always in my top 5..lalala..the other one is Metro Station..i found them through radio (note: i've been akhirnya dgr radio..lalala..thanks to the new extension..i like~) got their album...and all songs is sooooo listenable..which is quite strange for me..but maybe becos of the catchiness..lalala...uhuks..

cannot tell much la..the barista has been mopping at my side of table..gile menghalau someday..tell you more~!

right now, im going to pudu...and wait for my bus with my caramel frap and my ipod!

syukur Alhamdulillah for all the blessing in my life.

hope i would be thoroughly OK.muwahs all my friends~

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phatgurl said...

ada banyak gile lalala dlm entry ko ni. might as well ko namakan entry ini "lalala". hehehehe