Friday, January 09, 2009

breakfast tazo green tea + roti.

it's 09.01.09 8.11am when i started to type this entry. okla, got some time before work. hehe. just few update on my studies. ok, i've already started class on tuesday as my last post presume. Alhamdulillah all went well on registration and all. Syukur. So, I registered for 3 courses (2 core + 1 elective). I've gone to the the 2 core classes, which was OK..agak gerun sket ok..the first class was Mgmt IS. the lecturer is the Dean~ uhuks..i hope i make that course through. then yesterday, went to the HCM class. the lecturer is scary, but in some sense she's OK. so i guess for this class i have to participate/study extra hard..(argh, for every course pon mestilah~) oh, what makes it scary kan, for the first class..we have been warned and briefed on the hardness..and got replacement class some more~! uhuks, there gone my perfect saturday..snuggling with brad and alvin on my perfect bed. :x but, it's's ok..i'm sure something will come up..saya yakin, InsyaAllah..;) and today, gonna have another class, hope this will be ok too. the lecturer would be a mat saleh. hehehe.
ok, on 07.01.09, i went to klcc to use my rm20 parkson's voucher..that was the expiry, by hook or by crook..i have to spend it..xnak rugi. :D and, after much thinking..i end up buying a case for my ipod in red, i like~! and 6 mini marker pen in colorful combination..ihiks. i like too~!
then i went up to kino to buy the twilight saga. but, sadly enough..only the first book is available. so, i've booked the rest, bought twilight..which i hope the books quickly arrive. :x edward cullen is my current obsession, besides gee+brad+alvin+sesapa lagi lah. ihiks.
more on see, i went to klcc at night right..but previously, during lunchtime..i bought's travelog haji+travelog dakwah by same author, whom name i shall not mention here..hehe. well, i spent the whole night reading travelog haji..and this has made me more eager to save money to go..but in the same time feeling a bit scared and confuse..on the readiness of myself and hopefully my parents. so, on this one..i have to self muhasabah and get ready. :)
ok, that's all. i miss the cats. and the title, i havent have them yet. so, good day everyone. hopefully, today is a great day for all ;)

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kekure said...

Budak sekolah,main kucing jek kang asthma pulak heheh