Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cats with Bells.

hommie bought bling bling for the cats~ it was like a bell parade at home..haha. ring here ring there..where can you hide, boys? nowhere..lalala..okla, if they are lost (hopefully not), they wouldnt be sent to dogs/cats pound..huhu..taknak la kan...anyway, some pix of them with their new of course for brad, and red does look fit with alvin..oh, dear~ tolonglah jgn bertambah boroi..huhu. for more, click here.

dinner time~
apa tah brad buat nie..:D
oh, alvin..behave~

notes to my myself: really cross hands i could register already this wk. waiting is sucks, really~ wish me good. :)
oh, one more thing, rm4.85 is what i got for 30+kg junks. murah je kan? humm..


phatgurl said...

nampak ber"tuan" sket miau korang nih. dah besar dah memasing ekk... hehehehe. miauuuuu~!!!!

efaifi said...

photo 1 :nomm nomm nomm (ini selepas or sebelum towel tu kena kibar sampai jatuh bawah hahaha?)

photo 2 :this is brad's default expression lately, mieouw sambil muke marah dan diteruskan ngan wailing mieouw tanpe belas kasehan

photo 3: aawwwww, tgk tu alvin sopan gile silang kaki depan showing off a little bit of snogable chest and edible ears haha