Tuesday, January 06, 2009


yeay~! Alhamdulillah.. the moon has come visit..yet another marvellous view from my own bed..i'm moon strucked..ehehe.

anyway, new update..i would finally register today! after lunch..straight off half day for the day..and attend class evening! wish me luck dears.

oh, would someday "layan" twilight saga..:-) vamps is on the loose everyone, beware~ :*


Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEU YEAR Nor! muahs! may sume yg ko cite2kan dis year menjadi realiti.Amin.da ade kete baru kan...huyyoooooo.-rynn

tuan punya said...

hehe.thanks beb~! bila nk buat open house nie..meh meh aku dtg bangi..ihiks :D