Saturday, January 03, 2009

new year, new layout~

hehe..yes, it's me with new layout..well, i aim for a simpler me. along these years, i've been collecting what you might have called junks..magazines (lots of it!), brochures, small cards etc etc that has currently resides in my room..the living room and such!

starting today (well, actually has started quite some time)..i've been throwing the junks out..(tp mmg sgt sayangggg ni~ :-( )hmm could i call it stuffs..because i have problems you see..i like to collect things..and then i dont seems to treasure it well..but i can see now, i've been creating all this clutters in my life..and i ought to do something about this, right? and being the big M sickness doesnt help, with the start of new year..hijrah and masihi~ i'll be trying to simplify my life..(i even swore not to buy mags, mind me!) and keeping a list of resolution each day (cross-hands~) and try to make it true! least, i have one done already (bffs birthday presents for 2009! eh, make that two! lalala)

ok, since i'm quite in a hurry..and actually i hv to do some work (yelah dah ada kat ofis ni..and dear me..hv to listen to that rock music yg sakit telinga nie..there's one boss guy here too..blasting his music!) but it's OK~! i'll be leaving soon..the rain has stopped i think! maybe tomorrow i come again, and see what can be done!

right now, i'm blasting off back home...take all that junks err stuff to recycle centre and clear the clutters in my room! hehe wish me lucks girls~

oh. 'ts not too late right! selamat tahun baru 1430H dan 2009M. semoga tahun baru ini lebih sempurna ibadat kita dan apa yg diimpikan berjaya direalisasikan ;)

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phatgurl said...

but then i miss the old layout... hijau tu nampak lagi ceria. this one nampak formal and skema sedikit. anyway, keep it up and keep updating ur blog ya (hope yg tu pun resolution ko...muehehe) aku sentiasa menyokong sume resolution yg ko ada.