Monday, January 05, 2009

quarter-half moonlight.. shine bright, shine shine.

:x at about 12.10am, i switched off the light, get ready to bed, with blurry eyes (of course, dh mlm kan? takkan nk pakai spec lg..hehe).. there, i saw it...the most beautiful scenery from my bed i could i ever ask...Subhanallah~ first i saw the blurry bright light..then, i struggle to take back my spec and i saw it~ from the window pane, shadowed by my 3/4 curtain..the brightest quarter half moon shine brightly...first, i thought..photographic memory only la..but then, i get up..and in the darkness..get my manual SLR. and try to snap the moon..went to balcony, still in the darkness..with the boys miawed (sibuk jek org nk melayan ketenangan malam ni!) but i didnt think the SLR would capture it the way my eyes did. Subhanallah~! so, i pix to show here apart from my memory..:) anyway, it's almost half-month in Hijrah calendar..cant wait to see the full moon..hopefully, the moon would come back again..:*

i feel good, and i hope today would bring good news for me..syukran. apa pon, i'm grateful for what's i already got..and what i did not get. have a great day, everyone~!

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