Sunday, March 16, 2008

ok, almost there~! weekend was filled with burnt money and on loan..ahaks..and almost bought the really wanted ipod..ahahaha.

tributes to bff for all the attention showered..heh~! hope you're fat already with the special homemade roti boyan and kopok lekor (tq fila) and starbucks coffee yg aku buat sedap tu..ahahaha. sorry ye dear, if yesterday turns to be one of your ugliest ko dpt plasma tv yg diidamkan? hehehe..that crossed one of your wishes already ;) i think the other 2 is within reach this year..*crossfingers*

oh, sorry for the temptation..but was worth rite..siap tergedik2 lg dgn bdak starbucks...but it was way weird heh, since i really dont think we were late that nite...kan kan? but your sushi's always great..walaupun bukan ko lah yg buat..ehehehe

huhu, i've jz wrote in random..but what i've done last week quite great...screening with the TSCers..i jz way beyond like la with kak min. hahaha..having watched muallaf makes me wonder and evaluate back whether i am a good muslim. well, not even close to good yet, but not bad either..but i will be better. as death is definite..everyone gonna face, i want to be a good one. :) the other not-planned screening, which happened on the same nite is a special docu on poverty in rural area in pahang..having watched that too enlightens me to become more aware of what surrounds me and at least have the empathy to know what's going on in the world apart from my of course hectic work life..oh, please let there's be balance in me life. :D

of course, girls nite out with yatoque..with fila, cant make it, as she's quite bz with family matters..her sister safely delivered baby boy..yeay~! less attention to idris..ehehhee..takdela..:D:D oh, talking about of my good friend, huda's too safely delivered a baby boy..nama tatau tanya tk terjawab pule..haha..thanks min for the mms smpat lak nk upload..tahniah encik azrul + puan huda untuk baby boy anda..ckp kat baby, nnt auntie kukos dtg k...:D

apa lagi, apa lagi..oh, im on break~! from one part of life..i would like to concentrate more on works without jeopardising my life called balanced life, konon...ini semua thanks to the course im taking, which i will graduate next tuesday...long story short..i've to write my goals and dreams in paper...hehe..gudlaks to me~!

minggu lepas terasa lambat..harap2 minggu depan akan berlalu dengan cepat...dan bolehlah selesaikan apa2 yg patut...seperti beli ipod? lah...lotsa other things..

okla..taking care all! nk balik rumah dulu..kt opis ni..psst, tq bff tolong anta..tunggu k, our girls nite out~! chillies and maybe movie? ehehe..muwahs


mieouw said...

once upon a time, berkate sesowang kpd ku ... mengenai suatu perkare

"kalo nxt yr rezki murah, bleyh aa kite subscribe astro umah ni, clear skek nk tgk tv"

hummmmmm *urut2 dagu

dvd dah bli, ape lg aku nk pow minah ni ahahahaha :P

phatgurl said...

pow je fila... bape percent je dari riban riban yang di dapat. muehehehe. nor, luv ya~! thanks for being the best hostess (as alwitz). owh... thanks lagi satu for jumper ;)

tuan punya said...

ahahaha..korang ye..:p sukalah tu weks

apa nk buat malam nie neh? huhuhu