Monday, March 24, 2008

sehari bersama kukos.

oh, tidak..adakah aku hanya akan update setelah habis minggu? ahaha..well another weekend of burnt money and on loan..(again!) haha..thank you sekali lagi bff..ahaks

ok, to make it it is..:D:x mestilah satu kepentingan kan my own mychem..hahaha..

and before that~! we've met puan such a great meet-up gurls!
cant wait to see ya again beb~! insyaAllah, nnt aku dtg umah ko..:D

and you know what...before that i met up the not so new Haziq! Tengku Rayyan Haziq..son of proud parents, Cak+Huda...congrats dear~ ;)maaflah gamba gelap..aku pon tatau kenapa aku tknak gune flash..haha..pastu tk smpat aka malas nk edit..:D

..and this all is happened in one fine day of 23rd march 2008..

along with man u vs. liverpool..which apparently marked the legend of ronaldo..haha..which i bet bff is and always head over heels about..:D and others..

well, i must say, this week was a mixed feelings and event of issues and also whatever raised..oh, sistas and me went to sunway..last was fun~! we must do it again! this time, into the sunway lagoon we come! haha currently, humm..boring, sucks, relax? la..everything's OK!

0klah, mau tidur..and cant wait to be home this weekend~! taking care all..later~!


phatgurl said...

anything to let u happy bebeyh. i'm always willing to swipe my card. hehehe.

tuan punya said...

hahaha..always a pleasure too to help you kumpul point..ehehehe

bila mau makan2 ni girls?