Wednesday, March 05, 2008

my supposed 99th, it's the 100th!

"haha. countdown to the hundreth. ahaks. well, im not one to post daily, my life forbid me to. ahaha..well, here it is..after almost 1 year and 5 months, the number finally almost reach 100. ahaha. nothing much actually to ramble going to work, maybe alone.

house is installed with pest control this morning. hopefully all is ok.

craving for kopok lekor."

there you go, that was supposed to be my 99th post..ahaks..but with God blessing, turns out to be my 100th post in today, 5th March 2008. it's obviously not 1yr5months now..ahaks..

oops..kene kluar kjap..brb.

ok dah..meh sambung..almost 1yr 7months now, my dear blog.nothing mature about it, though. i just wrote what i want, what i like, whenever i feel like it~!

but since, this is my 100th wont hurt eh, to write what happened today..(arinije tk dpt nk pk whatevr happen to my life in chronology)
-no work..go seminar only..haha..another excuse to be very very RELAX..(if u know what i mean)
-got news the list of appraisals results were uploaded..huhu..a very shocking + good news indeed.Alhamdulillah! hmm..dan terasa mcm tk percaya je..ada org tu..makin gempak appraisals..betul ke?
-gossiping on works related item, as if going to do TM for real..saiko btul..gonna leave ESS for real..sad sad sad.
-poor k.mas~!jahat sgt jiran die soh pindahkan kucing2 die..jahat sgtttt..she was so devastated that she shall move too with her precious cats.cats.cats. oh, she offer us to adopt one of her tempting..but the decision is up to hommie. *cross hands* hopefully she'll agree.but if she is, no more fantasy of cik/encik kapas + si comot yang comel..hehehe. kitten actually, the name is joni. hehehe..tah btul ke tk tu..hehehe.
-oh, br kembali dr menemani asnani (kelig keje) utk jalan dgn kete baru..punyalah dgn percayanya igt die dh terer..rupanya hentam kromo juge..siap kluar vista td tk pasang lampu OK? betapa saikonya muke aku..ahahhaa..but all went well..selamat smpai ke rumah nie ha.Alhamdulillah
-oh, oh ye...hommie hasut makan mcD..:p tp mkn jugak sandwich buat sendiri telur goreng+hotdog! hehe..sama jek..but at least sendiri masak..oh, oh..she would like to heat our almost lemau kukis..the first one ok..but the second batch! uhuks..semerbak satu rumah..i did not notice the harum la satu rumah..ahaks..trus mcm, kitorg..ah, tidak~! yatoque.....!~! trus sorok kukis dlm kabinet..ekekeke..tgk tu yatoque, betapa sayangnya kitorg kt ko..tahan kemahuan ni.supaya ko dpt merasa kukis~! ehehehe

oklah..nk samung baca some light reading -> "the manny" :x

taking care all~! muwahs.


phatgurl said...

sorok untuk aku ekkk... ala so sweet. terharunye gwe. nak makn cookies malam ini jugaks~!!! nyammm nyammm...

tuan punya said...

ehehehe...:D sayang kan kitorg kt ko..:*